Author of 'The Cain File' – a Kindle Scout Selection

Pigs and Prose

You may know by now that the San Mateo Country Fair is open from June 9th – June 17th. What you may NOT know is that the San Mateo Country Fair has a thriving literary arts section with contests featuring local authors.

Three guesses who one of those featured local authors might be…

No, not Ernest Hemingway. But I’m sure he would if he could.

Stephen King has an allergy to corn dogs and can’t be within 500 yards of their consumption (County Fair joke) so he won’t make it either.

I, however, will be at several events at the SMCF and hope you can join one of them.

Here’s the first one: Sunday June 10th  6 PM –             

The first chapter of WHO SINGS TO THE DEAD, the second book in the SENDERO series, won first place in the “I’M DYING TO TELL YOU” mystery contest sponsored by the San Mateo Country Fair! Yep, there’s gonna be a picture of a ribbon on the book cover when the book comes out (end of the year, start saving your money). There might even be a picture of a pig somewhere too! I’ll have to see how much the rights to a good pig picture cost when I talk to the cover designer.  

I will be reading a selection of the winning entry. Paperback copies of SENDERO will be available for $12.


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