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Pig Lit Quiz

Pig Lit Quiz

What do the following Literary works have in common?

a)      Charlotte’s Web

b)      Animal Farm

c)       The Three Little Pigs

If you answered ‘they are all books and you can read them by turning the pages’, you may be excused.

But if you answered ‘they all have pigs as primary or secondary characters’, you are correct!

It’s no coincidence that some of our most enduring literary works feature pigs.

And this is why the San Mateo Country Fair, which features pigs AND a literary arts section, is not to be missed.

I will be at the following events (but you are also allowed to come to the others as well).

Sunday, June 10th: 4:30-6:30 – Carry The Light Anthology launch party—followed by readings

Friday, June 15: 3PM—Sendero – readings, discussions + more!

Saturday, June 16: 2-4 PM—Author Day book signings.


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