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Kindle Countdown Letdown

A heads-up to all of you Indies who use Amazon’s KDP Kindle Countdown to sell books:

I recently booked a promo for one of my KDP books, planning to leverage Amazon’s Kindle Countdown to kick the price off at 99 cents, only to find out after I paid for and scheduled the promo that it begins on the start day of my next KDP 90 day enrollment period.

Amazon does not allow you to book a Kindle Countdown into the next period.


Note to self: Check KDP enrollment period before scheduling promo.

Ok, I thought, I’ll just wait until midnight on the day of my new enrollment period, and schedule the Kindle Countdown for that day.

No. Ixnay on the omoPray.

It takes 24 hours to schedule a Kindle Countdown so the first day of the enrollment period is unavailable.

I asked Amazon KDP support if I could shorten my current period so I could have a one day lead time into my next enrollment period but they are not able to do that.


No Kindle Countdown for you!

Amazon’s response:

“At this time, we’re not able to schedule a Kindle Countdown Deal for a future KDP Select enrollment period.

Once the new enrollment period begins, you’ll be able to schedule a Kindle Countdown Deal.

Keep in mind that Kindle Countdown Deal must be scheduled at least one day before your desired start date, so the earliest possible date to begin your future free promotion would be the second day of your new enrollment period.

Also, I would like to inform you that it is not possible to reassign the KDP Select renewal date. I understand that this could be disappointing.

Rest assured that I have passed along your comments to our developers. We definitely value your opinion and will continue to listen and respond to our publisher’s concerns. We will make every effort to evaluate the information you have provided, and try our level best to lead it to program changes or enhancements.

I’m unable to promise a timeframe at this time, however, we are still evolving and feedback like yours motivate us to dive deep and unearth ways and means which helps us in making publishing on KDP a happy experience.”


A happy KDP client.

Happy is a relative thing.



One response

  1. I “liked” this post but of course I didn’t like it. It’s amazing how many “gotchas” there are in this business. Thanks for the heads up to other hitherto-unsuspecting authors!

    May 16, 2017 at 3:37 pm

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