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What others are saying about Sendero:

“Tomlinson’s princely, epic debut spans decades in a Peruvian family’s separation and reunion amid political unrest and terrorist atrocities…Elaborate and robust; a prime example of history and histrionics juggled with equal precision…Tomlinson’s debut is golden.”
Kirkus Reviews


“An engrossing tale of Nina, a young Peruvian policewoman, searching for her long-lost brother from high in the Andes to Lima’s underworld. Evocative. Don’t miss this.”
Cara Black – author of ‘Murder in Passy’ – an Aimée Leduc Investigation in Paris


“Max Tomlinson’s Sendero takes us to a world that no American fiction writer has visited: the Shining Path terrorists of Peru and the corrupt Peruvian governments that helped spawn their existence. Tomlinson personalizes this dangerous world by following the exploits of a simple indigenous family whose lives were forever changed by an act of government brutality. Sister and brother Nina and Miguel are explicitly crafted characters and while following their exploits and adventures the reader gets the sense that they are following the lives of all Peruvians whose mountain state is as high as it is dangerous. This novel is literature in it’s truest sense; a journey into the hearts of others that aside from fated circumstance could easily be ourselves.”
Michael Koepf – author of ‘The Fisherman’s Son’


“Max Tomlinson has created in Sendero a true portrait of Peru during and after the war with the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) communist guerrillas that is vivid and compelling and very real, the way Hemingway created the civil war in Spain in the 30’s in For Whom the Bell Tolls. This is Nina Flores’s story, who twenty years after her father is killed by government soldiers and her mother raped and driven insane, has finally gotten a lead on her missing brother’s whereabouts. Clues lead to the lair of cocaine smugglers, secret police prisons, and a web of corrupt officials. This is a harrowing tale that shows the dark side of Peru the tourists never see. Although Sendero is as exciting as the best thrillers, it is richly textured, evocative of time and place, and as rewarding to read as a fine literary novel. It will stay with you long after you finish it. I highly recommend this book.”
James N. Frey – author of ‘How to Write A Damn Good Novel’ and ‘Winter of the Wolves’