Author of 'The Cain File' – a Kindle Scout Selection


not The Mona Lisa

Born in the wilds of San Francisco, with its rich literary history and public transport system teeming with potential characters suitable for crime novels, it was inevitable that I would become a writer.

My latest book, THE CAIN FILE, was selected for publication by Kindle Scout. The book is now available and if you think I’m chuffed you would be right. Many thanks to all of you who nominated it.

I have four other novels and a *free* collection of short stories for your reading enjoyment. Links are to the right (if you’re not on some newfangled mobile site) —>

I’m also kindred spirits with a dog named Floyd, a shelter mix who stops and stares at headlights as they pass by at night. There’s a story there, too. If only Floyd could talk. Then again, maybe not.

Perhaps he’s channeling the demons of Jim Thompson, Elmore Leonard and Patricia Highsmith, like his owner, and trying to make some sense of them.

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    • Thanks, Digital Journal.

      March 16, 2014 at 8:26 pm

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