Author of 'Sendero' and 'Who Sings to the Dead?'


not The Mona Lisa

I live in San Francisco, a city with its share of faults (seismic and otherwise) but it’s a great place to hide from the real world. And if you need a character for a novel you just ride public transport for an hour or so.

When I’m not writing I work as a software architect, which is a nice way of saying I hack around on computers and actually get paid for it. Writing code and writing fiction have a lot in common. That may sound odd but both are creative processes that require iteration (rewriting) until they ‘work’.

When I’m not writing or working I’m hopefully traveling, frequently somewhere in Latin America. I just got back from hiking the Inca Trail and I was gasping at times but it was the trip of a lifetime. If you even think you might want to do it, just do it. But get a porter.

I’ve also been known to sleep from time to time, although the lure of a blank page may wake me from a deep slumber.

Kirkus listed my debut novel, SENDERO, a literary thriller set in modern-day Peru, as one of the top 100 Indie novels of 2012. WHO SINGS TO THE DEAD, the second in the SENDERO series, was released January 2013. My 16-and-above YA/New Adult/Old Adult thriller titled LETHAL DISPATCH was just released. Watch the trailer; it’s really pretty good because someone who knew what she was doing  put together all my ideas and the cool Ramones type music I paid twenty bucks for. So watch it if only for the music.

I’m currently working on a few things, and have just finished ‘Looking for the Dead Boys’, channeling the demons of Jim Thompson, Elmore Leonard, Patricia Highsmith and Quentin Tarantino and corralling them into a ’70s biker novel with a lesbian protagonist, written in what Henning Mankell calls ‘my own language’. Believe it or not, it’s not exploitative or sensational the way it sounds although I certainly tip my hat to a style that made me want to write in the first place. It’s full of humanity, you see. It’s the first of a Meth Noir genre and I coined the term, so there you have it. 

I also have a collection of short *dark* fiction titled OUT BY THE TREES.

“The plot for SENDERO first came to me one night in the jungles of Peru. Sitting in the dark with a group of intrepid travelers, waiting for tapirs and other night creatures to show up, I was immersed in the sights and sounds of that fantastic country, and all I had seen and read. The tapirs never appeared that night but Nina, Miguel and the other characters of SENDERO began to come out of the dark and take shape.”

Contact the author. Have you read Sendero? Who Sings to the Dead? My short fiction? Comments? Abuse? Want to be notified when a new novel comes out? Let me know!


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      March 16, 2014 at 8:26 pm

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