Author of 'The Cain File' – a Kindle Scout Selection

In the pipeline …

Murder in the Haight


Between fending off a frisky parole officer and trying to make ends meet, Colleen Hayes just wants to put her life back together in 1978 San Francisco. Then a wealthy, retired industrialist named Edward Copeland seeks her assistance.

He’s heard Colleen knows how to track down a killer.

Edward Copeland’s daughter was brutally murdered in Golden Gate Park eleven years earlier, during the Summer of Love. The case was never solved. Now, in his final days, he needs to find Margaret’s slayer if he wants to die a peaceful death.

And Colleen, battling her own demons, is driven to do what she’s good at.

Find a killer.

It’s in her nature.

The first draft was finished November 2015 (Can you say #NANOWRIMO? :)). Third draft just completed. MITH is awaiting workshopping expertise to shake it out.

The Orchid Girls

orchid girls

In the near future, in the People’s Republic of California, humans are almost perfect.

Or are they?

A dystopian novel for adults – and near adults.

Work-shopped by my stalwart writers group and currently on the umpteenth draft. Look for Orchid Girls sometime in 2017.

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